Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This Week's Crap

Crappy week for me eventhou it's just mid-week. Argh...! The Auditors are coming next week. So, you can imagine the "chaos" stirring in the office. sigh* I'm sooo sleepy as I'm typing now BUT gotta stay awake for the Sarpinos Pizza we ordered. The pizza ought to have arrived but I stumbled for a short nap and must've have "dreamt" ordering it. Only after "B" enquired , "pizza ordered sayang...?" that I realised I haven't. Jeesh... Not too late still but than dinner will start later laaa... Silly me! Well, like the saying goes, "Better late than never..."
Oh, just to say, I'm a Sarpinos converted. Usually, I'd get either Pizza Hut or Canadian-2for1 but these pizzas had detrirorated sooo very much that I no longer wanted to have anything to do with them. Hated their measely toppings and oh sooo uber thisk crust. At Sarpinos, you can request for either the normal or thin crust. I'd go for the latter. Still, not the really thin Italian crisp I'm looking for but ok for now nevertheless. Sarpinos' also promoting a 2-for-1 pizza order but with a limited selected menu. Fine with me. Their 'Specialty', 'Gourmet' and 'Super Value 5 Chesse' Pizzas range are good too. We've tried a few already. Just say that they're a little better compared to the 2 pizzas companies I hated. We shall see how long their novelty's gonna stay.
Anyhow's the San Remo (chicken) and Pepperoni Classic were great. Chokeful of toppings which I'm happy with. They came pretty fast too! Less than half an hour. Good! Only gripe was that the calling centre didn't get my order for thin crusted. Never mind...! I'm uber famished! Bon Appetite! Oh no, I should say it in Italian. Argh.. forget it. Bon appetite's good enuf! Then, I go sleep! No need to wait for the food to settle. Bad practise, I know... What the heck!


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