Monday, March 12, 2007

HAtE iT...! But this loaf RaWks!

Don't feel like re-writing the loOOng post I typed earlier. Damn Blogger detected an error of some sort and couldn't save and upload my entry. DamN, dAMN, daMN and DAmN...! Grrrrr... HATE it when things like this happen. Just at the moment when you're all done.
Anyhows, just wanted to show you guys the Fruit Nut Loaf I did today. I made it as our dessert after the KFC dinner that "B" brought home. "B" went to the IT Show 2007 to check on some stuffs. Me didn't follow coz I couldn't stand crowds. Thus, stayed home to finish up the leftover 'rubbish' from our retreat last weekend.
Oh, "B" gave me another belated birthday gift. A Targus Notebook Cover. So needed it. Thanks "B". I heart it. :-)
This Fruit Nut Loaf Rawks with the Crabtree & Evelyn Marmalade


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