Saturday, January 13, 2007

Boiled Fruit Cake in Muffin Tray???

Woots...! I'm having a serious sugar craving since yesternight! Due to the rain, hmmm... I don't think sooo... Just a bloody crave laaa... I wanted to do Orange Cookies but scrapped the idea flat coz I still had that Crabtree and Evelyn Orange Cookies from Sista-B. Oh yeah, Sista-B was happily married last weekend 6 Jan 2007. She's on her honeymoon now. "B", I also nak go honeymoon for the eermmm..... 5,6,7 times, erk nvm, I also want OK! sheesh, honeymoon(s) and holidays are two DIFFERENT matters altogether. Aites!?

Oooh... I also can't wait to view the Wedding Pics too! But just a teeny-weeny comment, the bridal make-up was terribly blah!!! Just didn't make Sista-B stood out! She looked PALE, Pale, pale. Or was it the look of the year huh!??? Jeesh... even the wedding clothes weren't pretty enuf! PLAIN, Plain, plain. Maybe I'm out of touch with the wedding seasons BUT those outlook were UNFORGIVABLE! But anyhow, the food were great. I had plates of those fried fish fillets with sweet and sour sauce. The kitchen staffs must've think I'm mad. shhh... don't think they knew I'm the SIL. If word gets to Mommy-B, I'm toast for sure! "not very ladylike, xxx" is what Momma-B would've said.
Anyhow, the 'sugar cravings' here... Since "B" adores Fruit Cakes a LOT. I made it today. I don't like Fruit Cakes but if nothings else there, I''d just whack it. Mines a simple version. This time, instead of pouring the batter into a cake tin, I poured into the muffin tray. No cutting. Easier! I'm off to Mommy's in 40minutes. Bathe-15mins + dress-up-10mins + clear dishes-10mins + last check-5mins = 40mins. Just enuf time for me Fruit Cake Muffins to cool down before I whipped some for Mommy, Baba, Bro and Bratsy Sista. Toodles...

Recipe of the Boiled Fruit Cake.


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