Friday, March 09, 2007

Recreating the Bangkok Broth

I'm back form my week hols and feeling pretty much lethargic still. All due to the HOT and DRY wheather. But I think the greatest culprit is that I have to go back to my mundane routine AGAIN! Argh...! I want the hols to stay for an eternity!!!!! Boohoohooohooooo...! Still... I can't change the fact that the hol's all over! Grrr...!

ONE thing I really missed, apart from the GREAT shopping adventure, is the street food. We managed to tracked down some Halal street food whilst we were there. A hard to find fact in the Land of Smiles for us. Boy... you ought to be there to try them! Alrite, it's REALLY a treat for us to get hold of those gems. Now, I kinda know much more or less how street food tasted like. And I'm dying to try them again. NOW!!!

Since the need for it was hard, I tried re-creating the Bangkok Broth or so I called it at home. Jeez... it came no where near. Not even having a similar look. Still, what could I do???! It's this broth or none. "B" said it tasted OK only. ??Huh...! Now I got a competition. I'm on the path of making a neat broth to the real deal. So, for 3 nights in a row, "B's" having nothing but soup, soup and more soup!
Chicken Soup with Basmati. Far from the real deal.
Still it's a try aites!


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