Monday, January 01, 2007

Hello New Year!

"Welcoming 2007"
Tell you a little secret. '7' IS my favourite number. Hence with the year 2007, I'm wishing for many2 good things to come. Family, relationship, health, work, financial, friends and something BIG which I've started wishing for and just waiting to happen. Donno when. Now? Soon? Later? We'll see...
I had thought "B" would be home on New Year's Day. But, when I woke up (which wasn't too late btw), "B's" almost ready to go to work. Grrrrr... "stock taking sayang", "B" said just as I woke up when he's about to close the door. Haiz... wtf!
Who am I to agrue aites? Afterall "B's" doing this to bring some dough home. This is how one sacrifices in the modern world. TIME! Eversince my leave, I saw "B" as much as my working days. No different really. Alrite, enuf grumbling. I need something to chill. Fingerfood's comforting. With no more heavy downpour and still with little sun, I reckon it won't hurt to snack a bit.
See these little treats? Gorgeous! Tofu Nuggets and Tofuballs. Cute little things aren't they? I used to love chicken nuggets but not anymore coz I freak-out after seeing Jamie's School Dinners show on Discovery Channel Travel and Living. If any of you watched the programme where he showed the REAL things inside the frozen chicken nuggets you get at the supermarkets, you'd remember what the 'ingredients' are and how the 'ingredients' looked like in his food processor? Eeeyuckies...! I swore from that day, NOMORE chicken nuggets! So, I got around to have these cuties. Tofuballs are substitute to fishballs. The version I used to love was Dodo brand. But seeing that these have little or no nutrients in them, I stopped buying. Whenever I feel like having these balls, I'd make them with fresh ikan tenggiri aka mackerel or tofu. Taste wise is incomparable from the store bought. I'd make a couple batches (nuggets and balls) and freeze them for later use. They froze well in clean wrap for a week. Oooh, I made some mini Curry Potato Puffs too. Need to finish up that puff pastry I made weeks back. winks* Geeez... I shoud've stocked up some pastries during the rainy season. You see, these pastries are good to roll in a cool place. But during those rainy days, I just got too lazy laaa...
See "B", IF you didn't had to go working, you'd get a taste of these little treats now. Hmph... Ok, I just gotta say it first. But really...I'll definitely make some more when you return this evening. Many-many more. Coz I know, BIG boys like you, will wallop these little treats fast!


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