Sunday, December 31, 2006

What you'd do when you have Pumpkins?

You could make dozens of things with pumpkins! You couldn't have them raw of course. Steam pumpkins make excellent snacks and a great source of vitamins too! Mashed them into purees or make soup out of them? Create mouth-watering desserts perhaps? Cookies, cakes, muffins, pies, tarts? Breads or scones? Ice-cream or chips? Baked or fried? Mmmmm..... Don't forget the varities of kuehs too! Pumpkin Onde-Onde, Pumpkin Putri Salat, Pumpkin Kueh Bakar, Pumpkin Kueh Talam, Pumpkin Nagasari etc..... And have you drunk Pumpkin juice before? Try it. No regrets there! See what amaizing things just one fruit could do! Go try all these and mayhaps, you'd come up with a new recipe too! Do tell me huh!

Me, I'm indulging with my muffin-mania project! With a little help from Granny's Smith too!!! Presenting me Pumpkin G.S. Muffins.


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