Sunday, December 31, 2006

Went Vegan on Eid Al Adha


Today's the day where Muslims ALL over the world celebrates Eid Al Adha or Feast of Sacrifice which is the most important feast of the Muslim calendar. It concludes the Pilgrimmage to Mecca. Eid Al Adha lasts for three days and commemorates Ibrahim's willingness to obey God by sacrificing his son, Ishmael. According to the Koran, Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his son when a voice from heaven stopped him and allowed him to sacrifice a ram instead. The feast re-enacts Ibrahim's obedience by sacrificing a cow or ram. The family eats about a third of the meal and donates the rest to the poor or needy.
Me and "B" started early for our visitings to the elders as usual. I made some onde-onde and Bird's Nest jellies to bring to Mama-B. Made them in the wee hours yester'night'. We both just couldn't sleep and forced ourselves to bed at 5-freaking am. "B" had to meet teacher Zool for the Eid Al Adha prayers at 8am. So, sleep was pretty much needed.
We decide to cut the visits short this year as "B" was all red-eyed with the lack of sleep and I was blabbering non-the-stopping with Andy. A sheer sign of you-know-what! "B" had a quick change of clothes before plonking himself on to bed. Whereas moi... can't shut these bloody eyes at all. Grrrrr.... Seeing "B" all cuddled up with me bolster, I got up and went about to prepare dinner instead. We didn't bought home any sacrificed meat coz I CAN'T take any mutton (the smell just drives me crazy eventhough they're fresh!) and on this tiny island, muttons are the only animal sacrificed coz they're cheaper. With no meat in the house, I made a quick semi-vegan dinner! It's our first and boy..... did "B" love it.
We had a meal of Homemade Tofu Burgers, Baked Chilli Potatoes and freshly squeezed orange juice. The meal was awesome and "B" initially mistook the burgers as chicken patties coz they're white. I love the Tofu Burgers to bits. Besides the health factor, they're darn cheap compared to making chicken or beef patties. "B" can't do without his chilli sauce and I can't pursuade him to spread a little of the mustard seed dressing I bought at the Australian fare some time back. So, a little down-health factor there. I had some sliced cheeses and greens inserted between the burgers for a complete meal. The baked potatoes made up for the additional carbo needed. Oh yeah, we washed down all these with the orange juice squeezed by your truly.
Ingredients for Tofu Burgers
2 hard tofus - mashed finely with a fork
1 egg
1/3 cup oatmeal
spring onion - chopped finely
3 tbsp dried chilli flakes
1 tbsp salt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mix the egg with the mashed tofu. Add in oatmeal, spring onion and chilli flakes. Mix well. Add in salt to taste. Heat the pan with the extra virgin olive oil. Take a handful of the mixture and shape it into a patty. Drop it onto the frying pan and cook it the same way as you do with a burger.


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