Friday, December 22, 2006

Japanese Sweet Potato Bread

I'm on leave already. WeeeYippeee!!! Clearing the 'old stocks' of '05 till end year! So if you do the maths, the 'stocks' of '06 are untouched! I'm already planning for two vacations next year. One a shopping bang! and the other a beach re-treat. Though I'm having this long break, I'm not going anywhere if you may ask. Slack huh...! Well, what to do... it's a last minute thing and I don't like holidaying over the peak periods. You gotta shove your way thru the crowds and practically everywhere's the prices are jacked up! A way to 'cope' with the high demands and cashing in extra monies as experts lamented.
Thus, I'm at home doing lotsa backdated houseworks wink*wink* and intended cokings and bakings. Already a batch of Japanese Sweet Potato Bread is in the oven as I type right now. The smell's heavenly penetrating the house. Notice those dark specks? Ain't moulds huh. They are the mashed Japanese Sweet Potatoes. They're purple in colour when raw, turned a little darker purple when cooked. Gave some character to the bread. NO!?
I'd only wished it could have been a sunny Friday to have a sitdown tea. Well... a wet afternoon tea would still be fine, I guess. shrugs* Anyways, I found the recipe here. Pretty darn easy to make. I like the fact it's a thrown-all-into-the-bowl-and-stir type of recipe. Lesser clean-ups and greater yield! Lovely!!! After tea, I'm thinking of going out later and meet "B" after work. Chill out someplace quiet. If there's a place as such during this festive season!
Oh, I also need to get ready for next week's Eid' Adha @ Hari Raya Haji. One of me aunt's and her hubba's going for Haj. So, minus two peeps for this year's gathering. AND I miss Mommy and Baba and Bro and Bratsy Sista. I'll visit them tomorrow with the Japanese Sweet Potato Bread. Oh... I just hope the bread'll last till tomorrow. We got TWO always hungry peeps here. Growl...*


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