Monday, December 25, 2006

All That Glitters...

What's a girl's bestfriend? Awww... easy question, easy answer! Girls... you ought to know hah! Read this phrase ~ "DIAMONDS are a girl's bestfriend..." Yeah, those glittering bits. No two ways about it. But wait, my entry ain't anything near to diamonds. It's a foodblog people... I'd go way... out of contacts if I'd prolong the girl's bestfriend issue.
It's just that these pieces of jellies reminded me sooo much of the u-know-who's-bestfriend. Jeeez... I can't help it. I asked "B" on which adjective really suits these jellies of mine. Glittering, glistenning, gleaming, shining etc... Oh why all of a sudden the subject of you-know-what! Mayhaps, it's time "B" present me something glittering huh!??? Oh cut the crap girl!!! Back on topic there.

Alritey, let's get into this straight. I made Peach Jellies for a friend's party. Nothing over the top. Just, gelatine, sugar and cut peaches. Oh... and a couple of moulds too. It's a foolproof recipe which WILL produce a great finish. You just can't fumble on this. No way...!

Now, let me pursuade "B" on getting me the girl's bestfriend. "B"... I did made you that pot of Chicken Rendang you requested for lunch aite. Now I want a reward. Nah... nothing BIG. Just something small..... winks*winks*winks*
I tried the Chicken Rendang recipe (click on the bold Chicken Rendang above for recipe) by Chef Wan (Malaysian's celebrity chef). Only two things omitted from his recipe were the 'daun kunyit' (tumeric leaves) and 'assam keping' (dried asam pieces). I substitute those with kaffir leaves instead. I actually don't know how 'daun kunyit' looks like and no time to google and just don't have 'assam keping' in hand. I used chickens instead of beef. Turned out delish with the Basmati of course. What else...


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