Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pumpkin Onde-Onde Gula Melaka

I gotta work harder on my picture takings!
Tonigh's dessert is a type of kueh. A chewy outer layer covered with fresh grated steamed coconut and the inner portion filled with the sweetness of gula melaka (read the explanation from da*xiang) and here's another.
Sometimes, I'd scrapped the gula melaka and ate the sweet slices raw. Awesome! Other times, it'll be boiled to a liquidish texture and poured onto ice-creams and other goodies for additional toppings.
Making these ping-pong ball-like kuehs were pretty easy and fast. I don't like using colourings for my onde-onde. As substitution, I'll use sweet potatoes or pumpkins. Besides injecting the natural colours, you'll also extract the natural sweetness of the vegetables resulting in a denser taste afterwards.
The only flaw was that I used dessicated coconut instead of the freashly grated steamed ones. The after taste of the former was a bit blah but the latter would gives out a rich nutty taste.
Like the Pringles advertisement sometime back - "Once You Popped, You Can't Stop!" ;-p


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