Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Soupy Dinner with an Ending Sweetness!

Geee... in my haste, I had blogged about the Dark Choc Butter filled Muffins first rather than ma dinner. I just couldn't help it. In fact, I had the muffins first then dinner then the "Ending Sweetness" which I'll tell you peeps what. Read on huh...
As I mentioned in my earlier entry, it had rained quite a bit and the night's been rather wet and damp. So in conjunction to the state of the night, I made soup for dinner. Just the good ole Chicken Soup. Eat it steaming hot and it'll do wonders to your inner systems! Believe me? No? Besides, soups are the easiest to cook. NO mess and totally NO hiccups. What can go wrong with soups??? Unless you're too generous with the salt, then disaster definitley will strike in huh!
Of course, it ain't complete without the sweety part aites! For dessert, I made Kueh Lopes @ Glutinous Rice coated with white shredded steamed coconut and drizzle of Gula Melaka syrup. phew... that's a looong translation/explanation there. The asians ought to know what Kueh Lopes is. They're usually triangular in shape due to them wrapped tightly in banana leaves. But mine's rectangular coz I just did the simple compact pressing in a shallow tray. It's a little trick to an "instant" Kueh Lopes when you're not fully equip. Worked well for me and they still tasted similar. Just minus the aromatic scent from the banana leaves. Anyhows, as they said, pictures do tell a thousand words. See the pics and go figure. winks*
Of course I'll share with you my recipe for these fabulous Kueh Lopes. These are also great for potlucks. Little ingredients used and they yield a substantial amount. You're sure to attract attention with these sticky bits!
Ingredients for Kueh Lopes
3 cups white glutinous rice - soaked overnight
3 cups water
1 tsp salt
steamed white shredded coconut (add in a pich of salt)
Get the rice cooker ready and pour in the soaked glutinous rice and water into it. Just cook as per when you're cooking rice. Let the machine do it's job. DO NOT open the lid whilst it's still cooking. Once cooked, stir the glutinous rice evenly so as not to dry up the bottom part. Take out and let it cool for 5 minutes. Spread the glutinous rice into a shallow baking tray and pat them compactly. Let it stay till it totally cool down before cutting into rectangulars. Cover the rectangulars with steamed coconut and serve with Gula Melaka syrup. NOTE - wet knife before cutting so as not to have any rice sticking to the blade.
Ingredients for Gula Melaka syrup
2-3 pcs Gula Melaka
water (thickness depends on amt of water. Up2u)
a little butter
In a pot, put in the pcs of Gula Melaka under a small flame. Pour in enuf water depending on the consistency you desire. Add in butter. Mix. Close flame when all the ingredients become one. Drizzle generously on to your Kueh Lopes. You can keep the syrup in an air tight container for a months. Just remember to use a new spoon each time you scoop out the syrup.


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