Saturday, December 16, 2006

At last I found You Babe!

A call made my day. I'm in contact again with a long lost friend. Geez... I mean hey Singapore's an utterly small city and yet I never got a chance to bump in to you EVER! Others I had seen but you never! Fate must've have twisted its way between you and me. Finally it got un-twisted back after a long, long while... I'm glad that we get to talk again like old times.
Of course that 2 hour long phone call wasn't enuf! (I know we could manage much longer than that huh!???) Too much to update and with us cutting into each others conversations, it took doubly long to convey what needed to say. And yeah... we digressed a bloody lot. Haiz... it sure rekindled old times huh. Remember when we used to have hours and hours of yakking over the phone. My mummy would always guess who I'm with and after several long hours, she'd shoot a dagger-ed stare prompting me to put down immediately! Hahahaaa... Those days were long gone. But the memories remained.
I was really happy after the phone call and trotted into the kitchen to bake. With the happy mood in tune, I am sure of a fabulous outcome. I'm baking this Mixed Fruits Orange Muffins for you girlfriend. Mayhaps you'll be free one day to come by my humble house and I'm sure to cook you a bomb! Yeah, I still remembered you lurve ALL things Hot and Spicy.
Oh boy, I'm grinning myself silly here. You made me feel like a little girl again. You see, I only have the image and memories of you till up to when we were teenagers. I wonder how you'll look like know??? Your voice's already a little different to start of with. Ey, better make the date for next week happen aites! We're gonna have a long, long girly talk and indefinite yakkings and catching up to do! Gosh... times sure flew by too fast. Without realising, I'm meeting a dear old friend whom I'm sure had turned out to be a beautiful lady now. Hey, I'm a lady too if you peeps might ask. A gorgeous bombshell at that too! ;-p


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