Friday, December 22, 2006

Pizza Moments

<--Canadian 2-for-1 Beef Pepperroni
We went wacko...! Suddenly "B" was suggesting a pizza dinner. "B's" not so into pizzas. "B's" contented with the simple fair of rice and fried eggs. Me... I'm a pizza-pasta freako! But I seldom ordered pizza coz of it's price! It's a little too pricey for me and the ingredients just aren't stuffed enough. Apart from that, the tomato base spread and cheese toppings are way... to little. Stingy buggers!

Canadian 2-for-1 Hawaiaan Pizza -->
Besides there's not too much choices for Halal pizzas. Yeah, you peeps can argue with me that dozens are popping up like wild mushrooms but not one is to my liking. I adore those thin crusted ones like Tuscany @ Pan Pacific Hotel. I had a sliced of vegetarian pizza once a long, long time ago. And it was gOOOd...!

Sarpino's Pizza the better of the two...
Sarpino's Pepperoni Classic -->
Another place is at Tjitjak Restaurant @ Manamana Bintan. The Taj Connection Pizza was over the top and it cost a mere SGD$10 nett. A huge pizza served on a wood block. Sensational! Booohooohooo... no nice pizza found on this little island here! Tragic!

<-- Sarpino's Sorento Delight
Anyhow, since it was "B's" not so everyday treat, I went crazy and ordered 4 large pizzas. 1) Canadian 2for1 (so-so laaa) and 2) Sarpino's Pizza (a little better choice than Canadian 2for1 but still no kick). Argh...! I chomped non-the-stopping. One slice after another. Down with cans of Coke and now I'm SOOO stuffed that I can 'belly' moved! Of course there're leftovers. You think I'm a cow huh!


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