Friday, December 22, 2006

Fruit Minced Muffins

I wanted to make Fruit Mince Pies - "pies which were simply filled with a mixture of suet, spices and dried fruits". A traditional mini pies served during X'Mas but dropped the idea flat. I tweaked the recipe and turned them into another muffin experiment instead. Oh well... all I could say was that it looked and tasted similar to them Mince Pies! Only more doughy/cakey compared to the pie shells that it ought to sit in.
I used most of the ingredients needed for a mince pie filling but omitted the brandy of course! Instead of making the pie shells, I mixed everything up as how you'd make muffins. Zee muffins didn't rose high and 'cracked' as they ought to but I was welcomed with a nice crispy (due to the sugar content from the fruits) and shiny tops. Loved the pics taken and love more eating them. I should have dusted these with icing sugar to make them prettier but I was out of stock.
Am waiting uber patiently (grrr.....) for those Cold Storage vouchers I got twice yearly from me VISA company. A "thank you" gift for their customers as they called it. whatever... at least I got to shop for the baking bits and foodstuffs for FREE!
I'm not celebrating X'Mas but can't help making the 'X'Mas' gooddies coz sooo many are featured in the papers, magazines, television cook shows, foodblogs and anywhere you could imagine where food could be! Since many/most are laden with alcohol, it's wise that I make my own. Alcohol free. This way, I won't be deprived and "B" would be happieee stuffing his face with the sweet treats every now and then. winks*


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