Monday, November 13, 2006

Zee Perfected Half-Boiled Eggs

Jeesh... I still remembered once "B" commented, "Making eggs are the easiest! Especially fried and half-boiled eggs. You can do no wrong in either. How come you fumbled?" OUCH! Naaah... I'm not hurt in any way if you may ask. But, I did re-think he's remark though. Yeah, egg is an ez-pz versatile food and I darn fumbled at the easiest bit...!

I guess an easy way out to the answer is that I HATE frying (eggs included) and I DON'T like the look of those half-boiled eggs when they're mixed together. It looks like puke and DEFINITELY smell like one too. (No offense to those whoo adores these stuffs).

But anyhow this IS a challenge I tell you. My very own challenge. But first, I gotta admit I CAN'T still do that frying-egg-in-the-pan-thing yet. But I did achieved an almost perfected half-boiled eggs today for breakfast (after umpteenth of tries). Why almost perfect? Coz when "B" broke the eggs he said that the yolk were a little runny. He liked his yolk a little harder. Growl...!!!
Half-Boiled Eggs with a dash of Sweet Black Sauce + White Pepper & Toasts

I'm gonna perfect these babies on my next off day. Just you wait and see! But of-course... I ain't gonna have these even 1 itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny spoonful. EeeyuckiesSS...!


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