Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happy Days Orange Muffins

Heeps! The Orange Muffin project was an uber success. I'm on a journey to tryout all the citrus fruits available (@ me NTUC huh) to turn into delish muffins. Well... X'mas IS coming and so IS Idiladha next and of course the New Year. So in the seasons of greetings and joyous Raya Korban and the coming opening year, I'm churning out these muffins for SALE :-)
I strictly believe that when one's in a happy-cheery mood, many things can be achieve with a breeze. This includes baking too. The food reflects a lot on how you feel. Well... at least that's what happened to me. Many a time when my mood sucks, the food's sure to turn out something I non-expected. EVEN when I've done it a gazillion times round! Just like the other day, the ez-pz Banana Muffins overflowed out of the muffin cups coz I was "pressured" by "B" to hurry. Thought the muffins could be salvaged, the outlook was a terrible mess! Worst, I had to do a double cleaning with my prize oven. &%*#!
But yesterday was different. I had a sound sleep the night before and woke up pretty much after noon. "B" was already off to work and I'm left at home to do the house chores. After all was done, I had all the time in the world to try out the Orange Muffins. In fact, things when really well coz in the midst of me preparing the ingredients, "B" proposed a date (after sooo long wait) to VivoCity later in the evening. Plus the aroma that penetrated my kitchen was to die for! Oh yeah, no spillage this time too! One more thing, see how the colour contrast between the cups worked well with the yellowy-orangey colour of the muffins. Unlike the earlier muffins I made.
See, how ALL these creates the catalyst for my baking. Amazing how you feel creates a huge impact to what you'll do. Oh, before I forget, "B" thanks for the date. We ought to do it more often. But next time, I'm sure to cover you up if we were to sit out all night. I couldn't sleep with you sneezing all night yesterday!


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