Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dark Choc Butter Filled Muffin

Another night, another baking and yet another muffin. This time chocolate filled! Dark chocolate to be exact. I had some leftovers dark chocolate bars and went ahead to do up these lovely babies. I shoud have filled up a lot more but didn't. Donno why though??? Betcha if I had did, the chocolate would have flowed... Then, that'll make a 'dramatic' scene to capture! Still... they've been baked and two's already gone into me tums and "B's". ;-p
Tonight seemed to be a slow wet night. I've yet to take a shower and still am in me working clothes. Even my watch's still round my wrist. Just so to prove how slooow... I had been about. After this bit of blogging, I'm heading straight for a good shower and later to have a cup of hot milo. Nope, I'm not continuing with the muffins. I'll let me tums rest.
the inner bit of the muffins before and after baking


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