Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cold Potato Salad & Red Bean Cupcakes

This is gonna be a short post. I lazed around all day today. When I said that, I meant NO heavy cookings. That's my idea of lazing minus the cookings. I did other stuffs. Washing (actually the washing-machine did all the work), watered "B's" precious plants (donnon what's got into me coz I NEVER watered "B's" plants before!), cleaning & washing up most of the cookie containers (well Hari Raya's nearly over) and made a salad and cupcakes for me Aunty's open house tomorrow. I just felt like bringing something for her.

Nothing spectacular about this cold salad. An idiot could've done it. But I'm NOT an idiot, a genious YeEshhh. It's just a figure of speech!
Ingredients for Cold Potato Salad
2 Russet Potatoes - boiled and cubed
(leave the skin on but wash thoroughly first)
bacons (they're Halal of course)
freshly ground black pepper
salt to taste
fried shallots
Put the boiled potatoes into a bowl. Add in ground fresh black pepper and a pinch of salt to taste. A dollop or two (depending on how much you want) into the bowl and mix well. Cut the bacons into smaller pieces and fry them with olive oil. Drained them and add into the bowl. Mix thouroughly. Finally sprinkle some fried shallots for garnishing. I ate them as it is but you can do whatever. winks*

What I'm excited about is with the cuppies. I actually made that icing and decorated the darn thing! Well... I wasn't to please with the aftermath though. They're tooooo plain looking. Before decorating, I'd imagined them to be like what I usually saw in other foodblogs or cafes for that matter. But hey, this IS the first. Besides, I don't have the necessary tools to begin with. So here's my comot (smudgy) looking pieces.
Red Bean Cuppies with Choc Icing

Alritey, time for bed. Gotta wake-up nice an early tomorrow to crashed to me Aunt's open house. I bet there's lotsa lovely food. I'm gonna sleep with a smile on me face. FooOOd... slurp... slurp...


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