Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stew for the Unpredictable Rainy Season

Tomato and Kidney Beans Chicken Stew
The rainy season is starting to kick-in now. sheeesh... it's hard to predict the monsoon nowadays. But early this week, it had been rainig crazy in the afternoons and carried on through the evenings. I made this soothing soup for "B" for one of our dinners. Since I had been coming home quite late, I had to made do with tomatoes in a can instead of my usual fresh tomato soups. Still it was ok. Go slow on the salt though coz these canned stuffs sure loaded with lots!I paired this with Basmati and some side fresh salads. Ok, dinner's done and dessert next.
Green Beans Soup

Again a soupy dessert this time. I have this thinking that on a rainy season, soups are the best and easiest way out for meals. It'll soothe down ya tums well and digest faster. You can go for zz-land earlier! winks* We seemed to have lotsa beans for this meal. The dessert of Green Beans Soup was no-brainer. Boil, boil, boil and you ought to be done in 30 minutes. I had wanted to add in the Japanese Yams but forgot. jeeesh... so a soulful of this Green Beans Soup just had to do the trick.

Of course I also had kept some for "B" to bring to lunch tomorrow. A little disaster happened between "B" and the soup. The contents I had in the blue Tupperware spilled over and wet "B's" red North Face bagpack and part of his jeans! How could that happened with Tupperware??? Hey Mr Tupper, shouldn't your Tupperwares be airtight and no spills wares? I had no probs when I lugged any soups with me. I guess "B" must've mishandled somehow. winks* Poor "B". He didn't mentioned to me till the next day!


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