Sunday, November 12, 2006

Raya Outing with the Mates!

This is what we had done on every Hari Raya and still doing. Jalan ramai-ramai...! This is like a MUST coz when else can we be doing this TOGETHER besides Hari Raya. Huh? Huh...? This years' planner's crap! But we were lucky to sort it out before the big day came. I reckon "Mr Planner" was too stressed up for his coming wedding aites! winks* nvm, you're forgiven as always coz you f*ck up most of the time anyways...

My house was the meeting port this year for 11am. Thus I made some lunch before we headout to various other houses. This year we started pretty much earlier than usual. But then... almaklum janji Melayu, (translated - Malay's promises aka "BS" promises laaa) peolpe came in staggered timings and it was almost 1-ish when we had everyone.

But that aside. Late or not, we still had an awesome time together. Each house seemed to have their own 'specialties' and of course without shame we wollop everything in sight. beams* I think I must've gained a couple of pounds at the end of the day! sigh*... No worries, I didi it for a happy cause. Whatever that means...

These were the mouth-watering delicacies I made for the people. Lontong Goreng, Roti John, Bubur Pulut Hitam and Chocolate Chip & Carrot Cupcakes. I wanted to do a much more 'elaborate' lunch but dropped the idea coz of the immediate visitings after lunch. Thus the simple food.
Lontong GrgIngredients for Lontong Goreng
dried chillies - cut, blanched & blend
1 large red onion - blend
3 garlic - blend
extra virgin olive oil
3 tbsp dried prawns - washed, blanched & pound
1 log lontong - cubes
1.5 tbsp brown sugar
salt to taste
2 tbsp tomato sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tsp soy sauce
2 kaffir leaves - shredded
2 eggs - whisked
canola-olive oil
fried shallots - presentations
spring onions - sliced as presentations
shredde chicken breast - as presentations
First blend dried chillies, onion, garlic and extra virgin olive oil and put a side. Heat canola-olive oil and fry blended ingredients till split oil. Add in ponded dried prawns and stir well. Add in salt and sugar. Sugar is to lessen the spiciness of the chilli. Add in tomato sauce , soy sauce and oyster sauce. Stir all well. Add in kaffir leaves for aroma. Add in bit by bit the whisked egg. Lastly, add in all the cubed lontongs and mix well. Sprinkle fried shallots, spring onions and shredded chicken breast.
Roti John & Bubur Pulut Hitam
Chocolate & Carrot Cupcakes minus icing

We had a fabulous Raya outing!


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