Thursday, October 26, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Idilfitri 1427 Hijrah


<-- Pineapple Tarts
Since the first day, we've been going visiting non-stop with Mama and Papa! Anyways, it's nothing new coz that's what we do EVERY Hari Raya! If you were to ask, I'd rather be fasting the whole year through coz then, I'll be having a little more free time at home. But still... I love the visitings. There's lotsa food and goodies! How can I missed those aite! winks* Of ALL cookies or cakes, I LOVE to try every pineapple tarts at each house. Just to make a comparison which is the nicest! (psst... actually I can't decide after many tries. ALL seemed nice. So don't bring me for any pineapple tarts judgements coz I'm BIASED!)
Chocolate Chip Cookies -->
Usually, the first house to visit will be me Mama & Papa then , "B's" granmamams then, me grandmamam then, "B's" another grandmamams then off to the other old folks. I'd usually visit my Mommy and Baba later at night coz they'll be out visiting too in the earlier part of the day. But... this year, I've yet to set foot at my parents considering it's already the third day of raya! Haieeez... The schedule's this year had gone totally haywired! All screwed...! We seemed to laze around longer at each house. Well... it's ONLY once a year we get to visit them so I think it's justifiable to stay a little longer. But in doing so, we sure were behind schedule!
<-- Honey & Dark Chocolate Cornflakes
Anyhows, I got to show off what I my dear Mommy made for the raya goodies this year. ALL were heavenly delicious! It's not always Mommy get to make a constant excellent batches of goodies. She have what I call "the moods". Sometimes gooood... sometimes baaad... But this year, REAL good! Thus ALL these outcomes! Heehheheee... Cheerios Mom!!!
Kueh Semperit -->
Me? errr... I didn't had the chance to do any. :-p I STILL got those blocks of butter, packets of flour yet to be used. I'll promise to kick up my butt, pull up my socks and do some serious bakings soon.

<-- Kueh Makmur
Ahuh... since most of me fam and "B's" coming by after the second week of Hari Raya, coz that's when most had finished their Puasa Enam (6 days fast after Syawal),it may just be the right time to start the bakings and cokings again.
Honeyed Dates from Iran -->
These are the leftover of Ramadhan and I placed them together with the other goodies as extras. Still, they're good. Honeyed Dates from Iran courtesy from my company. Only coz I'm, the ONLY Muslim, thus by default I MUST have these. Nyways, with these I can bake that Dates Cake I chance upon on the net sometime back, Weeee!!!


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