Saturday, September 30, 2006

I Just Don't Get It...! Do u?

Just to share this with all of you. I reckon many knows the Meiji brand. It's this wonderful yet creative Japan made tidbits. Coming from the Land of the Rising Sun, you can expect loads of quirky stuffs in marketing their products. I got this Meiji Yan Yan Chocolate Dip from Carefour. I had this ever since I could remember. Before, the stick biscuits were all plain but today I discovered stuffs printed on all of them. Seriously, I don't know whats the message they wanted to convey. All I wanted was to dip those damn sticks and eat them. Take a look at what were printed. Some were eaten off by yours truly after I tried hard deducing the meanings behind. Here's a couple left before I go bonkers. The un-photo-ed printed out - "Rhinoceros Think-Big", "Frog Amphibian", "Elephant Jumbo". Alrite, guess some of those made sense. But still senseless when it printed "Cow Muuuuu"?????


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