Monday, October 02, 2006

Hair Raising Issue*

Don't be deceived by this yellow-greeny sauce. Have a spoonful of potent mixture and it'll definitely gives you a hair raising "good time". What I meant was... it's hot, hot, hot to your bones. If there's ever such a defination though. "B's" not a person to stand intense heat/spiciness to a certain level. It'll gives the usual tummy-ache. However, "B" couldn't stop at scooping the sauce each time it dries up into the plateful of Basmati. Ironic but true!
All "B" could utter was... "pedas la, pedas tapi sedap... takleh stop!" - "hot, hot... but delicious and I can't stop re-filling!"... Hahahaaa... you should see the look or should I say the colour of "B's" face. As red as a beetroot!
I made this without a guide from any recipes but with my own instincts. It's not the usual makcik-makcik Lemak Cili Api version but me own. Ingredients are as usuals peeps... what my humble fridge could offer.
Ingredients for Lemak Cili Api Ikan Song
@ Spicy Coconut Yellow Paste Song Fish
(nearest a traslation I could go)
2 pieces white fish fillets (any kinds)
15-20 green bird's eye chillies - blended
1 large onion - blended
2 garlic - blended
2cm belachan - baked & blended
1 green apple - blended
2 tsp tumeric powder
extra virgin olive oil - for ease of blending
200ml coconut milk
salt to taste
riped pineapple slices
Dry cooked the blended ingredients for a couple of minutes. Add in salt and water to desired thickness of sauce. Add in coconut milk and bring to a boil. Add in the fish fillets. Cover lid and let fillets cooked. Lastly, add in the pineapple slices. If the mixture's too spicy aka potent still, add in some sugar or some starfruits to lightened the spicyness. Serve best with rice.


Blogger Audrey Cooks said...

wow! that amount of chili padi will definately shoot me thro the roof!

15 October, 2006 16:22  
Blogger amilia said...

oi...apa ke benda ikan song? songket ke? haha. ok2...lame one there. aku nak try la kuah ni. macam mengancam. pedas,pedas...tapi sedap. haha. cute one.

23 October, 2006 07:48  

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