Monday, September 25, 2006

Breaking Fast with Instant Kueh Lopes Gula Melaka

Looked a little plain but tasted goooD...
I'm a happy, happy girl...! I succeeded in making my first Kueh Lopes. Err... just a tad different though... You see, I don't have that much skills in making that triangular-glutinuous rice-sachet-wrap-thing (as I'd called it). ;-/

Traditional Kueh Lopes comes in a tightly wrapped triangular-like sachet of banana leaf and then boiled in salted water till the rice's cooks. Once the kueh's cooled, the banana leaf is ripped off and the cooked kueh is coated with steamed grated coconut (just take the white part) and drizzled with liquified Gula Melaka. It's a mouth-watering dessert and much more for whoever who adores glutinous rice just like my "B"!

So just for you "B", I made instant Kueh Lopes. I had the glutinous rice soaked overnight. I just tried a cup full and yield 2.5 pieces of circular kuehs (5cm in diameter and 1cm in thickness each). This instant Kueh Lopes is pretty darn easy. You'll just need a rice cooker and you're off. My consistency for the kueh is almost right. Neither too soft nor too hard. Of course I'll remember the grated coconut next time. winks* Go ahead "B" you can have them all!
Ingredients for Instant Kueh Lopes
1 cup glutinous rice - soaked overnight
1 tsp canola oil (I only had this)
Pour the soaked glutinous rice into the rice cooker and pour in enough water to just cover the top. Drizzle in the oil and let the rice cooker do it's job. Check in to stir once in a while so as not to let the rice burnt. Let it stay at 'warm' after the cooking's done. Put it a side to cool. For the circular shape, I used a circular ice-cream cover or you can use the coffee cap too. Lay a plastic wrap on the base of the cover so that the rice won't stick.

Ingredients for Instant Gula Melaka Sauce
Gula Melaka
a little butter
a little water (depends on how thick you want it to be)
Put all the ingredients into a microwavable dish with lid cover. Microwave for 20-30 seconds till the gula melaka liquidifies.Take a fistfull of the glutinous rice and pat tightly into the container. Let the rice cool thoroughly before taking it out of the container. Coat with steamed grated coconut and drizzle with gula melaka.


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