Thursday, October 19, 2006

***Happy 4th Anny***

It's our *4th Anny* and "B" said this...
"Yang, besok takyah masak pape k, I belanja"... jeng... jeng... jeng...
know what he wanted to treat me...
"I buy your favourite KFC!"
Laaa... ingatkan nak belanje grand... takpe, KFC pun KFC la... lagi pun puasa.
Puasa mengingatkan kita kepada orang2 yang tidak mencukupi.
Dorang takkan la makan KFC for buka kan... kan...?
So, kire macam grand gak la tu...
Anyways "B", THANKS for all this years of happiness, ups-&-downs, craziness, impromptu-ness, laughters, sadness, HELL, surprises and too many more...
You were and still is my friend, partner-in-crime, confidante & soulmate.
Things would be DIFFERENT w/o you participating in all these. Yeah, we have a long... long...
journey to go and neither you nor me can see the future that lies ahead. But I believe, with us
working together, we can mould a promising future for us.
I dedicate this blog DAYLILLIES specially for you.
Just for the fact that you love to eat what I cook.
Just 1 complain though.....
Why... oh... why did you have to cut your hair sooo... short. Today of ALL days.
Still, must you keep that "jambul itek" too...? huh... huh...???


Blogger amilia said...

wah...touching la beb. da 4 tahun??? now u must seriously think abt extending ur family, ok. neway, jambul itek tu aku ingat hot time zaman elvis presley and p.ramlee. hehe. tapi takpe, asalkan maintain, dia happy sudah. sekali-sekala, mintaklah dia style rambut macam peterpan. haha.

happy 4th annivessary babe...may Allah's blessings be with you always. muaks!

23 October, 2006 07:43  

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