Saturday, September 16, 2006


Time passes too slow w/o "B" around. hmph...! Damn that in-camp standby!
sigh* Think, I got to be a little more positive after this minute. It's not that "B's" gone forever huh! But, in my honest opinion, this standby seemed like a TOTALLY waste of time! I shadn't disclose what "B" ACTUALLY did during his time there. But when I say it's a TOTALLY WASTE of time, it's A TOTAL WASTE ok! (pun intended).
After last evening's phone call, I dreaded hearing that "B" needed to stay-in thru the weekend too. WTF %&$#@! Why must "they" (whoever "they" maybe) ruin my weekends too! Enuf thru the weekdays and they're robbing my weekends! I HATE this in-camp! Grrr...!!!
Alrite, I wouldn't let "them" succeed in ruining my weekend. Besides, I got a lemon pound cake to bake for tomorrow's gathering at me grandmama's. So wished "B's" here with me. tsk* Thank god the cake baked well. With the emotions I'm filled in, I reckon a disasterous outcome. But it turned out otherwise. beams*
At nearly 11-ish, my hp rang. Oh, please... please... please... let this be a happy news. "Baby! I'm coming home for the night!" WeeeYipeee...!!! My prayers answered!
I made lunch today after nearly a whole week not touching my stove. "B" was kinda complaining about the bland-with-almost-no-oil mee goreng in camp. With the side dishes often being boiled chickens in various sauces, vege soups, steamed fishballs, sotong balls etc. "They" wanted to introduce a healthy meal for all the national servicemen.
Hey, I'm a health freak too. But, I DO have that fried chickens once in a while. I too wanted a healthy lunch today and can't decide if I needed two dishes of sambal belacan mee goreng + a side of veges or just sambal belacan mee goreng with veges. I made the mixed veges with tofu first and did the mee goreng later.
When "B" saw the two seperate dishes, he suggested I combined both into one. Besides, he commented that both will be swimming in his tums after that. Ok, whatever you say "B". Look, the sambal belacan mee goreng seemed to look more appetising with all that colours. See, that's how "B" made his inputs for my dishes. Other than that, he's the eater!
Later, I'm off to that gatherings at grandmama's with my lemon pound cake and "B's" off for another week of that 'dreadful' in-camp thingy. weeps*


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