Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lemon Cake

this recipe's a keeper for Hari Raya

I went for a lemon frenzy last wek coz they were going cheaper than usual at 5 for $1. I wasn't sure what I'd do with them but I knew there'll be something. I stumbled across a Lemon Cake recipe and was set for a lemony cake today.

It was fairly easy to mix all the ingredients together and within 15 minutes my cake was ready for the oven for an hour. While that's baking, "B" went out for awhile to get KFC! Donno what's wrong with me and KFC but they turned me on everytime I see those crispy things. "B" got us 2 pieces meals each, a large popcorn chicken and char kuehs to scoop up the whipped potatoes. Oooh... the timer just rang. Gimme 5 minutes...

---10 minutes lapse---

Awesome! Moments went the oven door opened, a whif of lemony smell permiates the kitchen. Only grouse is that I should have baked it in a loaf tin. Then I'll get a more compacted and raised cake. But, silly me went on baking in a bigger tin resulting to a flatter version. Never mind that mistake. What matters is that the cake baked well and tasted awesomelicious too! It'll be a refreshing dessert after that KFC meal we had. I'm thinking of having these pieces with a hot cup of tea. Mint tea for me and chrysenthemum tea for "B". cheers*


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