Monday, September 11, 2006

Ikan Bilis Soup & Macaroni

Light & Refreshing Ikan Bilis Soup
Yippeee...! "B's" coming home... He left home for the last 30 hours to the call-of-duty and coming home tonight for one night! Actually, he's due back much later, sometime after midnight. I'm not gonna waste my time asking why he's release early. WHO CARES about that! The only question I text-ed was - "u 1me 2cook sumtyng?" (sms-slang ;p). Of course he replied "YEShhh! Something light will do Honey..." aaawwwww...
I got like 30 minutes to get something done coz "B's" getting a lift from a friend who lives a blk away. Alrite, thinking time... Ok. Light = Soupy = Boil & throw anything la!
BINGO! I just got a packet of ikan bilis and hey presto, I can make soup + macaroni and we shall see what this turned out into. Tadaaa... the equation turned into this light and refreshing soup dish. Not bad for the throwing-in-with-whatever-I could-get-my-hands-on. With a little help from some onions, garlic, salt and veges. This soupy dish is uber delicious!
Hey "B"! Go away again soon hah...! Who knows what I can come up with next!???
FYI - Ikan Bilis or it's scientific name, Encrasicholina and Stolephorus species. A small dried fish used in various dishes both as an ingredient and as a flavouring. To use, remove heads and guts which tend to be bitter. Sometimes made into a powder. Pre-peeled is preferable whenever available.


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