Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ain't Like The Normal Pineapple Tarts

The title depicts exactly what it is. Thus I'd rather called these Pineapple Tartlets. Difference being the base of these tarts not having a much buttery flavour and soft texture like the what asian pineapple tarts ought to be. Nevertheless, these were successfully done I must say.

Normally these pineapple tarts are in abundance during the festive seasons. Be it Hari Raya (Muslims), Deepavali (Hindus), Christmas or Chinese New Year, you'll definitely see a container full at each homes. It's like a must to have for the festive seasons. There'll also be a number of different varieties, flavours, shapes and sizes of these pineapple tarts. It totally depends on each preferences.

Mommy made one of the best pineapple tarts I ever tasted. She used to baked uncountable amounts nearing Hari Rayas and Chinese New Years for sale. Our neighbours would order so early as not to missed out on her pineapple tarts. Sometimes she'd dissappoint many as the 'manpower' at home isn't enough. I could only help so much as I was too little then according to her. She said I messed up more than helping. So, I stayed clear whenever she did her bakings and only came into the kitchen once she's done. Hey, someone needed to finish up the imperfect tarts right!

Now she still bakes on every festive seasons but a lot lesser than before. But she never fails to bake me a container full for me and “B” each year. This year however, I'm trying to bake most of the cookies and cakes on my own for this Hari Raya. Just for the fun of it and also to test out how I fair.

I followed the base of these tartlets similar to that of the egg tarts. Thus not achieving the soft buttery effect. But as ALWAYS, “B” loved them! Anyways, these tartlets are much easier to handle as they don't crumble easily. With the odd shape and all, for a first time, I'd say they're ok. After this, I'm googling to find out a good recipe to re-create these pineapple tarts. No way I'm calling mommy to have her recipe! I want to surprise her. Her little girl had grown up and she sure won't messed up no more, ESPECIALLY if it's her own kitchen!


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