Thursday, September 07, 2006

Head Wins, Tail Losers!

"B" and I wasn't playing coin tossings. We were in fact standing in front of the fishmonger deciding on which fish head to get for the Assam Fish Curry I'm making later. Me being the fussy one needed to check on the freshest piece while "B" is the just-buy-it-and-get-on-with-it attitude just irks me. I reckon the hunger got into him and thus the reaction. I guess...!
Hours before work ended, I called "B" that I NEED to have KFC-Kentucky Fried Chicken later. I even pestered "B" to leave work earlier so that I could get my fix evenso I'm off work 1.5hours earlier than him. Well... the thing is that those chickens won't taste as nice when I don't have "B" in front of me. Doesn't matter if its only me eating. The presence made the meal a lot more wholesome. Don't believe me!??? nvm, there'll be a time when you'll go through this kind of situation.
Anyways, while waiting, I when to the supermarket (as always) to get me a packet of Kettle Chips and saw neatly packed fish heads for sale. Price reasonable, freshness acceptable. I immediately dropped the KFC cravings and phoned "B" to go straight home instead.
I browsed through countless of magazines to find an easy recipe for a curry fish. I wasn't sure if you needed to have dried or block assam for the recipe and how much. After much flipping and fumbles, I managed to get one and went on cooking. I have to say that it was an easy dish but I may had poured in too much liquid thus diluting the curry. Nevertheless, the taste's there only the texture needed to be looked into more seriously. Seeing "B" satisfied with each mouthful, that's enough to make me happy. beams*
After our meal, suddenly a desire kicked in, then a craving seeped through... argh... I can't fight it... I STILL needed KFC! wargh..... weeps* "B" being everso himself, plucked out $5 bucks from his wallet and said "You're not coming home tomorrow w/o your KFC. UNDERSTAND!" Yes Sir!


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