Thursday, August 10, 2006

Egg Custard Tart for a Belated Birthday

It could have been an on time celebration rather than a belated one. All coz the PC just went 'poop-ed' in the midst of me blogging. I didn't had time to save anything! darn* Anyhows, Doctor "B" had the darn PC fixed and I'm back to blogging...
Had made these tarts in conjunction with Singapore's 41st Birthday. Was contemplating to bake a cake but drop the idea instead. I wanted to make something nostalgic, something that I can relate to. Ahuh... what better way than to celebrate it with Egg Custard Tarts!
Yup, this tarts came a long way with me. I have had these countless of times whenever I visited the neighbourhood bakeries. These were a treat back then (other than the rock buns ;-p). Chocolates, potato chips, crackers, ice-creams were a rather RARE treat and ONLY when I'm extremely good or scored well in my examinations. Whenever mommy got me these tarts, I'd nibbled on them slowly just so that they won't finished so quickly. How I missed the good old days... I see children nowadays less appreciative. They take many things for granted. My bratsy Sista is one fine example!
Anyhows, I re-created the nostalgia in my kitchen on National Day. They smelt heavenly while baking. I found a recipe in my baking book and tried. Turned out well apart from them being not too sweet enough for my palate. I'd remember to double the sugar content next time.
Here's the pics for that nostalgic moments...
unbaked tarts lined-up & half-baked tarts brushed with egg white so not to let the egg custard sip thru
half baked tarts filled with egg custard & the baked ones still in tins
taken out of tins and ready for eats

These tarts came a long way into my life. Many things had changed but never the memories of the happy days... weeps*


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