Monday, July 31, 2006

Japan Sweet Potatoes

these how they looked like uncook & cooked
then turned out to this

hah... I saw this at Jasons today. Out of curiosity I bought 3 pieces. The tag said that they are Japan Sweet Potatoes. In awesome purple hue! Gosh... I only saw orange coloured sweet potatoes. Anyhows, these purple ones taste EXACTLY the same as the orange. Sweet! With those, I made Barley Soup with Japan Sweet Potatoes. The usual off-white barley soup turned a light purple when I added in the sweet potatoes. Pretty!!!

To pair up with the "coolness" of barley, I made a batchful of Sambal Macaronni. Yeah, real kick-ass hot! It's a great combination of yin & yang, I might say. I had plenty of leftovers of both dishes. I reckon it's an easy guess...


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