Saturday, August 05, 2006

My brat Sista came last night

mixes of ngo hiangs, fishballs & popiah curry potatoes with Thai chilli dip

That bratsy came by for her copies of the itenary and confirmation slip for her coming holiday. I'm going to mommy's today and could've just passed it over. But hell, I was glad she came by. Got company before "B" came home. I had not much time to get ready an elaborate dinner as much as I want to. So these finger foods kinda compensated the night.

I recreated the Barley soup for her with an additional of white sweet potatoes (they turned yellow after cooked) together with the purple ones. Ok, i know I'm into those purple sweet potatoes throughout my last two posts. You see, I bought three pieces so I blogged 3x aites. See the maths...
After she's gone, I opened a tub of BUD's Mocha Almond Fudge ice-cream to set off my sweet craving for the day. Not that I didn't want to share with her BUT I simply forgot! You peeps just have to get your hands on this ice-cream. It's way cheaper than Hargendaz or Ben & Jerry and you'll still get a delicate smooth ice-cream nonetheless. Try it. Believe me, if I could finish a pint at one sitting, I bet you peeps can too! I just can't seemed to put my spoon down when I started.


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