Sunday, August 06, 2006

Roti John for an unpredictable Sunday

Yesterday, before going to bed, "B" and me watched The Gods Must Be Crazy. In the midst of the movie I dozed off. Donno when "B" slept coz when I woke up, the day was gloomy and it was drizzling. Didn't bother to check the time coz who'd care on a Sunday aite! Well, anyhows I don't. Slept back, assuming it was still morning and too damn early to wake-up. But boy was I wrong. It was well after 2-ish... You can't blame could you?!! Before there were clocks and watches, people looked at the sky for an indication of time. In my case, I always failed when the day gets wet. Timings ran wild. Hehehee... Thank God it's a Sunday.
"B" actually promised the night before to go out for breakfast. Well... you guys knew the answer now aite. It's still raining and the idea to go out was put on hold. Our tums were rumbling and needed something quick and fast. In the mean time, "B" quitely went to the PC room and switched on to "NFSMW-Need For Speed Most Wanted". He'll be hooked on this game till the cows come home. Now, you see no cows coming home so, the time he'll stop will be when he needed the toilet, to eat or to sleep. One day I'll delete that game! Grrr...!!!
Roti John Sandwich with Iceberg Lettuce
Ok enuf grumblings, decided what I can do for a quick one. Roti John. Famous in Singapore for a quick filling bite. To me it's like a crossbreed between a burger and pizza. Now, to entice "B" to get his butt off the NFSMW! "B"!!! makaaan...!
Raw ingredients for Roti John and the aftermath
Ingredients for Roti John
a handful minced meat
1 onion - finely chopped
1 garlic - finely chopped
2 eggs - beat
4 hotdog rolls
(can use any types of breads)
salt & pepper
extra virgin olive oil
salted butter
Beat eggs in a bowl and mix in all the ingredients. Cut the rolls into halves and spread the fillings onto the bread. Heat up extra virgin olive oil with a dollop of butter just enuf to coat the pan. I like it this way coz they'll add flavour to the roti when frying. Fry the roti with fillings down first for a couple of minutes. Flipped it and let the other side of the roti crisp. You can either have the roti on its own or like me, I like it spread with a thin layer of chilli sauce, some greens and a slice of cheese ala sandwich. winks*


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