Thursday, July 20, 2006

What to do when you have lotsa eGGs???

You make QUICHE!!! Tuna and Blue Cheese Quiche to be exact. Silly me bought 3 dozen eggs from Jasons Market. @ that moment I donno why. @ this moment in time STILL donno why! Anyways, made use of those stinky eggs (stinky is just an expression. The eggs were super fresh!). The last batch of five were used for this quiche. Did it last Sunday. Was contemplating weather to order in pizza or bake. Thus, decided on the latter. But then later at night, made "B" ordered pizza from Canadian Pizza 2-for-1. Oh btw, Canadian Pizza sucks a whole damn lot now. Or is it only my branch area??? I make better pizza. Even you do way better pizzas than them Mie! hmph...!!! Anyhows, ate the pizzas till to the last. Hey... these pizzas aren't cheap you know...!!!


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