Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Is it good nibbling on these???

I'm bored with the office snacks at work! With the government going on strong with a healthier work regime, I see that they had forsaken the in between meals part. At least here in my office... We are provided with free coffee machines (brewed) and vending machines for hot and cold drinks. We have another vending machine for snacks and can drinks. This is however payable but is HEAVILY subsidised by the company. I suppose to prevent the office peeps from snacking too much, they charge it. I reckon it's working though.
The usual suspects in the snack machine would be biscuits which are either fat-free (my foot) or fat-overloaded ones i.e. Oreo cookies, butter cookies, cheese/chocolate/peanut-butter/vanilla creamed-filled cookies/wafers, varieties of nuts (salted/sweets/honeyed/fried/coated), chips or crackers of assorted flavourings (nachos/potato/tapioca) and without a doubt chocolates. See... wide varieties to choose from and yet I'm bored!
Fidgety, fidgety, fidgety... that was how I was everyday come 3-ish. I need an overdose of sodium chloride and sucrose! sheesh...
But today, I brought me own! IF you were to sort the ingredients one-by-one, I reckon it's healthy. But when you merge them... erm... you'll see a different kind of calories/fats altogether. Now, should I consider nibbling on fruits and veges instead??? lambat laaa...!!!
Nibbles of Burton's Snapjacks & M&S Ginger Cookies


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