Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chinese for tonight*

Chicken with Dried Chillies - Chinese Style
Had an incredible urge to have Honey Bbq-ed Wings! Like the ones at Lau Pa Sat. Donno why I couldn't have made my way there after work. Just didn't laaa... So no point fretting now. Tomorrow still have (aka "esok masih ada")...
On the way home, I had decided to have Chinese for dinner. Something stir-fried, soupy with white rice in a bowl and nipping with a pair of chopstick. Yeh that... Chinese. All the way to it's cutleries. Having Chinese was pretty easy for me to whip. Cooking time is short too. Because I was devouring those Honey Bbq-ed Wings, I made a 'replica' BUT using chicken thigh fillets instead. Evenso, the dish wasn't even near it, I was satisfied coz I had chickens! Maybe, my craving was just chickens huh??? Ok, this other dish ain't anything Chinese but I die, die want to eat. Rosti aka Potato Pancake. To me it's similar to hashbrowns. In the end, I was toooo f**cking lazy and diced the potatoes instead and poured 5 beaten eggs into them. It looked like a thick omelette with potatoes. Ok laaa...
Done with dinner, I sat in front of the telly to watch Inspector Gadget @ Kids Central. Then, jeng... jeng... jeng... snif... snif... atishchooo!!! (5x). The nose began to itch, my temperature rose, reached out for a tissue and blew hard. Yelp! The mucus' out! OMG! Purlease... I can't have it now. NOT NOW! 20 minutes later and tons of tissue, I'm POSITIVE! Blocked nose and fever! Crossing my fingers, hoping that I'm NOT caught with the flu bug :-( Not when I'm in the midst of the financial review period! Haiz.....


Blogger Audrey Cooks said...

My, my, daylillies...looks like you've been busy cooking and baking! Hope the flu bug passed u by :D

13 July, 2006 21:43  
Blogger Daylillies said...

Yeh, I'm hoping on that to happen say... by TONIGHT! coz I sooo wanna go Baybeats @ Esplanade. Thanks for the concern. Evenso, I'm down, down, down... I'm cooking STILL! Let's just say it's my way therapeutic way to wind-down.

14 July, 2006 16:23  

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