Friday, July 07, 2006

Excursion to "BT"

Like school children we all were this morning. Except the uniforms bit, we don't wore any. It was "dress-down Fridays" and we looked as casual as we don't normally are for the first 4 days of the week.
I was out the whole morning for a tour of the Budget Terminal ("BT") at Changi Airport. It's just as what I imagined it to be. Factory-ish looking with the bold sunset yellow colour to create a fresh and vibrant look, I suppose. Before I go into further details, PLEASE bear in mind the meaning of BUDGET and always, always associate the word and term together. You'll see. It makes an awful lot of sense.
No-frills as what it's meant to be. Right to the dot. The terminal had a square area of almost 2 football fields. Features were a BARE minimal, 1 restaurant, 2-3 ATM machines, a vending machine, all flight infos were screened on CRTs, NOT LCDs and some other miscellaneous. Overall, simple and budget-ed.
Currently only Tiger Airways is using BT and with another airline coming in soon, I say, even then there's still plenty more rooms. 1 major thing they didn't compromise is SECURITY. Everything were checked tight and the same security measures applied as to the other two major airport terminals, T1 and T2. Another non-compromi is of-course the DFS! That created a huge revenue for BT.
BT airport tax is lower too. Security tax charge is the same though with the two major terminals at SGD$6 coz security non-compromi. But BT charges a low airport tax of SGD$7 per passenger. So a total of SGD$13. You'll get further benefit if you manage to get the promotion tickets which can be as low as SGD$9.90. No kidding! I'm beginning to start packing mentally. eeeps....!!!
Every function of BT is budget-ed to cut further costs down. Thus, you can't compare to the luxurious T1 and T2. Especially food! We had lunch at T1. With everyone trotting their way to the staff canteen. I made my way to Marrybrown Chicken with a collegue. I was tired of hawker fares and wanted to eat western. Tried to find Popeye but donno where. Marrybrown Chicken wasn't a bad choice! It's HALAL too!
By 2pm we all reached office. I'd wished we don't have to go back! I can spend my entire day at the main T1/T2 airport (not BT though coz there's absolutely zit there) and lull my time away. I still remember when I used to tell mummy that I'm having a group study at the airport for my 'O' Levels. Yeah... airport study was and still is the place to go nearing exams. Donno if they totally ban students to use the viewing gallery to study now???


Blogger amilia said...

hey gal...
do they have budget flight to Turkey??? heheh...mayhaps i'm going there this sept holidays.

17 July, 2006 00:13  

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