Thursday, July 06, 2006

3 Guys & A Girl...

I had a little late night gathering last weekend with my 3 guys and a girl. It started after 9-ish pm. Yeh, I cooked. Who else...??? Did quite a bit - Shepherd's Pie (strongly requested by the girl), Tuna Hawaiian Pizza, Seafood Fried Yellow Noodles, Banana Cake and Apple Muffins. And ahuh... those monsters wollop every bit up. sheeesh... I'm happy coz either they TOTALLY liked what I cooked OR they're just hungry monsters! Either ways suits me fine. Bottom-line, no waste. I like that.

We all watched the game on Portugal vs England. So heart wrentching! Can you imagine, sooo many near-goals and not a single went in. I swear I could have dropped my plate whenever the ball's nearing any goalpost, nvm on which sides. The peeps predicted that today's match would sparked-off either Rooney's (England) or Ronaldo's (Portugal) temper. Those two are so known for their blastering tempers on field. All both needed was a catalyst and either of them could be one. And yep, the spark went off sending Rooney away with a RED card. Boohoo! Anyways, match ended, Portugal in and the next match's at 3am.

The peeps went back to their food and called out for more. Thank goodness for that tub of ice-cream and a couple of Horlicks popsicles. I assume if none were available, the fridge's their target. No kidding! In between time for the next game, everyone did their own thing. The next match was unpredictable too. Big giant Brazil OUT! France in with a 1-0 score.

It was already after 5am and seeing everyone's crushed and flushed, I told them to crashed in for the night. Take first bus/mrt home. Nyways, tomorrow's a Sunday. Crashed they did. They bid a'dieu for zzz-land. I couldn't get up in time to see the first 2 guys out but just caught the girl and last guy when they made their way to the door at about 11-ish. Surprised, I saw with them a trail of yellow fluffs and more sticking all over them. Haahaaaahaa... you see, they all slept in the living room in front of the telly. I have this triangular woollen carpet in the middle of the living. Somehow, all of them must have rolled all over in their sleep and had the wool stucked on their T's and jeans and hair and everywhere! I should've taken a picture.
Apple Muffins-a tad too dry though & Tuna Hawaiian Pizza
Banana Cake
Seafood Fried Yellow Noodles & Shepherd's Pie
This Yellow Woollen Carpet littered its wool all over my living room! Thanks to you guys...


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