Sunday, July 09, 2006

~No Fuss Puffs~

See how they puffed! Let them cool for awhile and you'll get the best taste out of the puffs. Evenso, you CAN have them straight from the oven. Just watch out that you don't get ya tongue burnt!
The puffs' will be crunchy whilst they're still hot!
Just look at my last entry... I'm still on Rainy Sunday. After the Carrot-Apple Cake baking, I took time-out and back to my "NFSMW". Later, I felt hungry... like that's a surprise huh...??? I got a tupperware of sambal prawns sitting in the fridge but wasn't up for it. Me want finger-fooodsss... savoury ones.....

Ahah... *blink* puffs... I'll make puffs! Simple Sardine Puffs. I used Ayam Brand sardines. Pour out the whole tin with sauce and all. Mashed the sardines, add finely chopped white onions, spring onions and diced red chillies (if you want it hot). A pinch of salt. Mix them up and the fillings done. Actually,
you could do much fancier than this. Too many ways for a puff's fillings. Go experiment!
Examine the before and after pictures. See the crusts and how it puffed?!!!
Baked Sardine Puffs to be devoured immediately!


Blogger amilia said...

ur puff looks great. wats the ingredients for the crusts?

17 July, 2006 00:08  

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