Thursday, July 06, 2006

Curried Wedges

I love shopping for groceries at Carrefour Supermarket apart from Jasons Market and NTUC Supermarket. My bags of Russet Potatoes always comes from Carrefour. If not it'll be the NTUC if I'm short. Have I told you that I love potatoes??? Especially Russets and Yukons. I love them broiled, steamed, fried, mashed and baked. I love potatoes. Hail to the spuds... Hail-ooo spuds!
I had an entry on potatoes and you can check it out here. I had them cooked and seasoned in a variety of ways and flavoured. Today, I tried with curry. Yeeeesh...! Good combination. If potatoes are a good source of thickening agent in curries, I see why not use curry as a seasoning and bake them aites! Fantasticolicious... Baked along my turnip spring rolls and made buttermilk scrambled eggs with toast.

This sounds like breakfast but it's my dinner actually. Whatever meal at whatever time, potatoes satisties me ultimately to the core.
Ingredients for Curried Wedges
5 Russet potatoes - wedged
curry powder
(enough to coat. too much it'll be bitter.)
dried rosemary
extra virgin olive oil
Mix all in a bowl. Bake @ 180'C for 20-25 minutes.


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