Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tea Party for zee Folks!

Hooorayieee...! The Tea Party was a HUGE SUCCESS! Which meant EVERYONE turned up (amazing!), food was good coz I was left with just a little of each for tomorrow's lunch and everyone enjoyed (I reckon). At the last count, 13 peeps came in total. Had a zeewee great time mingling around with the families. It isn't always we all can get together under one roof, with everyone bz with work and whatnots.

I got Sis-B to get the birthday cake for the birthday folks and SPECIFICALLY requested Chocolate Truffles from Royal Cakes. Yeah, it's my party and I'd want to have the cake I like. Evenso, it ain't my birthday. Anyways, everyone were fine with my choice coz they ate with gleaming smiles on their faces. So there! Hehehee... :-p

Food was in abundance. I made enough to feed an army! Mama-B didn't commented nor chided in any way. So I though that ought to be a good sign. But I reckon she's ok with the food coz she had a little of everything. Papa-B was as usual ok with everything. I SO LOVE him! Mommy was chattering away non-stop wheather people around her was listening or not. Yeah, that's sooo her. . Baba was at his usual spot. Which is in front of the telly. Like where else huh!. All of them had a plate full of something wherever and whatever they were doing. That I'm happy about! The kids (as I shall call them in this entry) were gathering together in two groups. One, the eat-all-you-can and chatter while you're at it peeps and the other is the "ROC" peeps aka Relek One Corner people (translated-isolated peeps). Whichever group they belong to, both can't stay very far coz I don't own a BIG house. So everyone was pretty near each other.

Then of course camera whoring time! Me and Sista dominated mostest. Yeah, I own the cammy and Sista was all for it to cammywhore. Made "B" took some pictures of his families. If not, there just might not be a single shot of them. The ending of the party was of course (as usuals) the Family Photo. I like this part best. A momentous souvenier of the day. It's like, when I flip or should I say scroll (for digital pics) the pictures in future, I kind of get those memories back. To me pictures are proof of events and memories for keeps. My brain memory function can only store and remembers sooo much. You get that sometimes? The brain thingy I meant. Jeeesh... I feel that I'm getting old. I guess the saying - "Young at Heart" meant that when your brain ain't functioning as it should be, 'someone' must've given the HEART a second go!

Alrite, enuf said there... Take a look of what I had for the party. phew... in a way, I'm glad it's over. I was smashed after the cookings and entertainings. Btw, Mommy and Baba gave me the thumbs-up for the food prepared. Geeez... thanks guys! I LOVE YOUs! Oh, as a departure note, Mama-B REMINDED me to visit her often. Errr... alrite I'll do that. Just gotta ask if "Missy MOOD" might be up for it!!! Sorry "B".
Appertiser - A 'leaf' full of finger foods.
Sardine Puffs, Vege Rolls, Banana Nut Mini Cakes & Hotdog Rolls.
Oh, see that table piece underneath? Belong's to me Baba.
He lugged it home from India 30yrs ago. I kept it for momentous sake.
Channa Dhal Beef Curry & Baguettes
Fried Seafood Mihun & Green Chillies in Vinegar
Shepherd's Pie
(u see this always coz Sista lurves it crazy!)
Sides - Mutton & Chicken Murtabaks & Fried Chickens
Dessert - Chocolate Truffles from Royal Cakes

Apart from the baguettes, murtabaks and cake, all others were done by yours truly with love ******************************************************************************


Blogger Audrey Cooks said...

OMG! I have the same wooden leaf tray just like yours! I love that tray!

30 July, 2006 18:08  
Blogger suriyati said...

The murtabak looks delicious. hmm.. I think am gonna check on the internet. Thank you for reminding me about the murtabak. :)

06 August, 2006 08:58  

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