Friday, July 21, 2006

Hotdog Rolled Puffs

It's too flaky, thus some rolls cracked. No shiny tops coz I forgot to glaze them.

I wanted to experiment this before my party this Sunday. Just a small gathering between my family and "B's". I suggested. It was my Baba's (aka Daddy in my terms) birthday last 4th July. Oh btw... he's way... "independent-ed" considering his age. Also it's "B" Mama's (Mama-B) birthday too. So a co-joined party for the folks. I actually wanted to SHOW-OFF to Mama-B that I CAN possibly feed "B" to the fullest and if not way more than that!

I've made changes for the umpteenth times of what I want to cook for Sunday. Just so that Mama-B will somehow be pleased (cross my fingers). The list will be revealed when I blog about it after the party. At least one of them will be this Hotdog Rolled Puffs. Oh, before I forget, it's gonna be a "Tea Party".

I rushed back from work just to try this out. Unfortunately, I overbaked them a little and the crust to crusty... I'll remember the mistake and will re-fine them for my next bake. Ok, so much for the experiment and that left me little time to cook dinner. "B"s due home in 20 minutes. So, I need to fix a quick one. Omelette's a breeze to make and made a side of stir-fried beansprouts and button mushrooms. Ez-pz! Made "B" buy a packet of plain rice at the mamak shop (Indian stall). No need to cook and then wash that pot of rice later. The plain rice came with a packet of curry fish gravy. Bonus! Ummm... not bad. At least the meal wouldn't be all too dry.


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