Friday, July 21, 2006

Dipping into Chicken Korma

Something's amiss here. Oh rite... it's been days since I last cooked! Well... work was over-the-whelming and stayed late for these couple of days. Eeeee..... I HATE it...!!! Had to finish up those reports and when work late, no OT somemore! sheeesh... ain't fair is it???

So, today I made a resolution to get me butt of work as soon as the clock strike 6pm. But... that never happenned. My butt's seemed to lurve the seat immersely. Out of the freaking door by 7-ish. No worries, dinner will still be made coz I went groceries shopping at Carefour during my lunch break. I was on the roll the moment I reached home.
Chicken Korma with the works...
I had wanted to have vegetarian Korma tonight BUT "B" insisted on having chicken. So, made a dash to NTUC and bough some chickens and made Chicken Korma. I didn't stinge on the veges eventhough those chickens were in. I had my way and so had "B". "B" wollop a bowlfull of korma with errr... I lost count on how many slices of wholemeal bread "B" had?!!!
Got me some Guavas too! Big, juicy green guavas. I had one whole of this at work earlier. Everyone commented on how huge the fruit was! See... I had to walk a bit to the pantry to cut it. I offered my lady boss some and she was astonished to know this is how guavas look like whole. Apparently, she never knew guavas looked like this. She only had the cut version drizzled with assam powder from foodcourts! Jeeesh... I should educate this lawyer a bit huh???!!!
Ingredients for Chicken Korma
1 large white onion - chopped
0.5cm ginger - chopped
1 tbsp korma powder - mix with water to make paste
1 tbsp curry powder - mix with water to make paste
(I didn't had enuf Korma powder thus added curry powder)
3/4 cup milk
2.5 - 3 cups water (thickness depends)
salt to taste
chilli flakes (opt)
chinese parsley - chopped
chicken pieces
okras - sliced
purple brinjals - sliced
potatoes - cubed
carrots - sliced
2 tbsp Ghee
Heat up ghee and add in onion and ginger. Saute till onions turned transparent or till aroma rose. Add in korma and curry paste. Fry pastes till split oil. Add in chicken pieces and fry for awhile. Add in milk and water. Add in potatoes and carrots. Turn flame to medium-high and cover pot. Let the mixture boil. Then add in brinjals and okras. Garnish with chilli flakes and chinese parsley. Serve with bread slices, baguettes or rice. Lurvely...


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