Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Simple Campak-Campak Curry

Title meant - 'throw in whatever you have into the curry'. Simple as that. It's easy when you already had something planned on what to cook for dinner. Thus, saving precious time. But, trust me, it'll be a challenge when you have absolutely no idea at all. I cook base on what I have at home. Unless... I'm totally out of ingredients, the thoughs could wonder wildly when I venture into the supermarket.
Today, I had not even a minute to myself at work to think of tonight's dinner. The last 5 minutes before knocking off was spent checking on my personal email and setting for tomorrow's pile of work. Agrh... I didn't want to stay another second more and went off moments when the clock striked half-past six. The thinking was done in the MRT but was abruptly cut short coz I dozed off. :-p
Hmph... I know, I'll cook whatever things I see first later. So peeps, whatever's in this pot was what I saw FIRST. Thus a pot of Campak-Campak Curry was born. Made a pot of Basmati rice to go along with it. "B" came home minutes after. Changing hastily, he sat at the table and chomped up his food. Phew... thank god I made dinner just in time. HIUNGRY people are ANGRY people. Who knows he might just EAT ME! In a naughty thought, I like it...


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