Saturday, June 24, 2006

Girls' Day In...

Had a WONDERFUL time today. Thanks to you girls!!! Great companies are followed closely with great food. Thay match utterly well... Yeh, of course we did lotsa girly stuffs. Updatings, yakkings, gossipings, gigglings, browsing through photo albums, movie marathons and best of all EATING!

We had tunch = lunch + tea coz someone's pizza had a late bake. Menu was majorly EXTENSIVE. There were Quiche Mushroom, Shepherd's Pie, Pizza, Apple Pie, Banana Muffins, assortment of other desserts from Polar Cakes and fizzies. Boy... we had a fulfiling good time! Evenso, I just met them like two weeks back, there were still lotsa to talk about! If given the entire time in the world I bet we won't finish talking till then.

Now, we're all grown-ups. Promising careers and NO MORE measley allowances. And all these came with a price, your TIME and to the extent of your SOCIAL LIFE even! That's why I missed the good ole days (when we were still studying then). Carefreed and zit worries except for exams which came in the package when you are called a student. Now, my life's so routine with work, work and more work. Come to think of it, I spent more time at work than at home! Sometimes, I dreamt of finding a lamp. WHY??? You know, rub the bloody lamp and pop came the weasel... argh nooo... GENIE I meant! 1 wish will do... (only while I'm on this entry alrite). I'd wish to go back through time and relish the student years. I'll make good and damn well I'll enjoy every full minute of it. Too many to do and many more missed out... And yeh, I'll be a hell rider whilst at it. Oh yeah... I was a biker babe with my beloved WR200. winks*
Now pictures galore...
Shepherd's Pie & Baguette Hawaiian Pizza
Quiche Mushroom & Apple Pie
Banana Muffins & Assortment of bought desserts


Blogger amilia said...

Hey darl,

U noe wat? I woke up and thought abt ur food. God! I miss them! Neway, we had a fabulous time, didn't we? Next time, we'll meet up again. Mayhaps a picnic? That's a thought to ponder about...

25 June, 2006 18:23  
Blogger J said...

That looks like a really heavy meal!
(Mmmmm... looks yummy tho!)


03 July, 2006 15:18  
Blogger Daylillies said...

Yeh J, did quite a bit here. But all's worth it I must say. What's a gathering without food huh? Ain't complete!

06 July, 2006 23:44  
Blogger Daylillies said...

Mie... We must do this again and again. Next time we ought to hv the whole batallion! I so miss all of them and the good ole times!

06 July, 2006 23:45  

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