Monday, June 19, 2006

Lentils & Lamb Curry aka Dalca Kambing laaa...

Yesterday was Chicken Curry. Today Lentils & Lamb Curry.
Yeh... I made curries two days in a row.
Both curries acquired a different taste than the other.
This is my first time 'experimenting' with lentils. I went shopping at Mustafa Shopping Centre last week. Was actually browsing through the numerous brands of Basmati and saw a packet of these legume. "Channa Dal" was written on the packaging. In fact there were a variety of different types! I suppose they categorise thse lentils according to erm... country, state, province??? Anyhow, what I know that lentils is a flat yellow-ish legumes and often called "dhal". Where they come from never I mind. I chose the nicest packaging of the lot and made my way out of that section. The longer I stay, the more intense my headache became.
Channa Dal Just for your info, I coincidentally chose the same brand as my Basmati...! Heehheee... told ya I'm a sucker for nice packaings.
1st pic just started to simmer. 2nd pic after a couple of minutes.
See the gravy's colour deepens into a murky brown.
I read through numerous sites to understand how to cook lentils. These legumes needed to be soaked first before attempting to cook them. About 30 minutes will do. After work, I went home anxiously to start on my 'project'. After much preparations, I declared the experiment a success! Yeh, it turned out gooodaaa...! With the additional from the leftover lamb chop, the final result was an intense flavourful pot of my fine Dalca.
Finally, a bowlful of Dalca Kambing & Baguttes to scoop it up.
Any takers out there??? Mie nak try???


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