Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Roti Kirai / Roti Jala / Roti Renjis???

Roti Kirai with Sambal Sotong & Assam Pedas Ikan Pari
Roti = Bread. But not this Roti Kirai which directly translated to Bread Net. Hah... so don't imagine it as any English breads. It's similar to the other 'breads', asian breads that is i.e. Roti Prata, Chapatti, Naan, Thosai. These 'lacy pancakes' are best paired with savoury dishes like the delectable sweet-spicy sambals (or sambar as others referred it to), curries and other gravies. Delicious on its own but more so with accompanying sides. So don't go all wrong drizzling maple syrups or spread on that jam aites!
The measurements yield 18 Roti Kirais. 3 stacks of 6 on this plate.
I should have taken the step-by-step pics on the makings of a Roti Jala but... was busy multi-tasking. My hp was beeping indicating text messages coming through. Had to keep my eyes on the Roti Kirai afraid that it'll burnt up any moment. Then, needed two hands to roll it. Two ways - (1) triangular form like in the pics and (2) popiah roll-ups. Any ways you prefer coz in the end, they'll be settling in your tums form-less. Was also heating up the Sambal Sotong (Dried Squid Sambal) on the smaller stove and you know what... my freaking frying ladle bloody BROKE! How can it be...!!! Due from exhaustion huh??? Coz that's the ONLY freaking frying ladle I had! sigh* I have this really bad habit on knocking at the side of pots/pans after stirring to get rid of any food sticking on the ladle. Maybe that's the cause of its short lifespan huh???
Making Roti Kirai is really time consuming. Furthermore, I had a small pan which is not a large enuf space to drizzle the batter, thus having difficulty in monourving the whole process. I could only do one roti at a time and each process requires a short period of cooking that made me stucked till all the batter's used up.
Started on my dinner tonight real.. late. Well, better late than never, ever aites! Jeeesh... I shouldn't had thrown that broken ladle in the bin. I wanna sayang (savour) it for the last time laaa... Hey, after all, it did a lot for me alrite. Too f**cking lot I tell you...
Ingredients for Roti Kirai/Jala/Renjis
2 cups AP flour - sifted
1 cup whole cream milk
1.5 cups water
0.5 tsp salt
2 eggs
usually these roti have a deep yellow colour coz it's all the working of food colourings! I don't fancy those. So mine's a little pale. Good anyhow...
Mix all the ingredients and give a good stir till all the lumps are gone. You can either drain the mixture in a samolina cloth for a smoother consistency or blend it. I did neither both and it was ok. Scoop the mixture with a 'drizzler' (don't really know what's its exactly called) and make circular motions whilst the mixture drizzle from the holes. Cook till a little brown. Put a side and roll as desired. Ez-pz.
The 'Drizzler'. Only SGD0.40. Mixture comes out from the holes at the bottom.


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