Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Lamb Chops Play Along..."

ahhaaks... you peeps of the 80's... still remember that programme... Lamb Chops Play Along? The ones where they had socks as puppets and rhythmic kid songs?!!! well... in those days, the simplicity of children programme shows were a joy to us. I for one could remember all the theme songs by heart. One show I love the MOSTEST was Sesame Street. I adore Cookie Monster and Count Dracula Ha...ha...ha...ha... that's the way Count would laugh every end sentence then thunder and lighting would strike everytime he count up to the number of the day. Geez.. I just love that purple face of his and his fancy dracula costume. Oooh, another adorable creature would be Mr Snuffle-la-fagous (I reckon that's how it's spelt huh??!). He's the ever so slow moving four-legged-look-alike-elephant-furry creature. Till know, I'm clueless what he is?!!
I could type all day about the children show of my era. How I miss them all! I still could recall how I always wished that it'll rain every evening (I'm in the afternn session) thus, there wouldn't be any flag lowering and I could dash straight home. Oh, just fyi, my primary school is just across the road. I'll reach home in 5minutes flat.
And as always, Sat mornings were a joy. Cartoons started as early as 8am and was I an early bird then. Kids nowadays are lucky, if they were to miss the morning shows, there'll be a re-run in the evening. There's a thing call the SCV-Spore Cable Vision where cartoons are on 24/7. Personally, too much teevee's not too good for the young ones. For adults very much OK! winks* ;p
7 minutes a side Lamb Chop
agrh.. I digress too much. See, there's still a child in me somewhere... Anyhow, I just had Lamb Chops for dinner. I was sceptical when I bought them at Cold Storage coz I don't wanna end up with a rubber slipper instead! I want my meat juicy and succelent. So, I made a trial an error (yeah, I did crossed my fingers). I marinated the meat the night before and cooked them over a low fire 7 minutes a side, medium rare. phew... I did it! Look at that piece of meat. Savouring it was another issue altogether. Yeh... I finished the whole damn thing!
A piece of Shepherds Pie (see the Kidney Beans)
To celebrate my joy, I made two more dishes for the evening alone! Shepherds Pie, my all time favourite. I had to do with whatever was in the fridge and larder. Aaahhh... I added an extra bit of ingredient in this. A cholesterol-lowering fiber - Kidney beans. No regrets in that. You'll be surprise of its goodness. A simple legume/beans which I don't usually see in dishes when I dine out.
Bread & Butter Pudding
Of course I WOULD NEVA forget dessert! I made a hearty dessert in the midst of all those food I've prepared. The good old Bread & Butter Pudding. Had some slices of raisin and white bread left. With all the other ingredients available in the larder. I made it in a matter of minutes. The result was this lushesly delectable crispy & browned top and soft and curdly inside. I had a piece of this with vanilla ice-cream for completeness. There!
Sheesh... what an evening! Too much food! But I was on a roll. So, you peeps can guess what's my meal for tomorrow? 10 points for the right answer... weee...!


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