Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Who says too much chocolates' bad 4u?

My Director brought this back from San Francisco a while back. See... these little beads were bought from Trader Joe's. To be exact, these are soy nuts coated with milk chocolate. A perfect combination with the chocolate I must say. Soy nuts belong to the family of legumes and these are the same ones that are made into soy bean drinks, beancurds, tempeh, miso etc... When dried/roasted, they turned slighty greenish-brown in colour. They have a striking similarity look with pistachios. But you won't be expecting a rich nutty flavour when you munch into these. Now, at least, you won't feel the guilt while popping these during those tea breaks... Just imagine those values of soy nuts! I had tried the salty version and they were great too! When you passed by a nut shop... just remember to get a packet of these. A healthy way for those in-between snacks aites!!!
Soy Beancurd with Syrup


Blogger MrzB said...

Wah, sedapnye makanan nie semua! Thanx for ur comment babe!
Btw, i just got home frm umrah.
Hope 2 meet up wif u soon!

16 June, 2006 14:31  

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